If you have cold or flu symptoms, no matter how mild, DO NOT ATTEND THIS MEDICAL CENTRE IN PERSON.
Telehealth appointments are available to current patients only.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

8.30am - 5.00pm

If you have cold or flu symptoms, no matter how mild, DO NOT ATTEND THIS MEDICAL CENTRE IN PERSON.
Telehealth appointments are available to current patients only.



We have some of the best doctors and nurses, supported by a team of caring and dedicated administrative staff, offering you the best possible medical support. We continually strive to grow our knowledge, abilities and available services every day.

General Practioners:

Dr Emma Leu-Marshall (MBBS FRACGP JCCA)
Dr Lawrence Ma (MBBS)
Dr Aye Yu Aung (MBBS)
Dr Audrey Haboosheh (MBBS Bachelor Human Kinetics Diploma Respiratory Therapy)
Dr Tim Turk (MD BScN Dip.Para.)

Registered Nurses:
Mrs Selena Stevens (RN)
Mrs Amanda Bleys (RN)
Ms Jean-Mary Ferling (EN)

Practice Manager:
Mrs Kylie Almond (AAPM)

Jane Mahony
Alex Gibson
Paula Orchard
Sarah Kelly

Dr Emma Leu-Marshall


Emma is a South Burnett local, growing up here before attending University in Townsville. She enjoys the country life, being involved in the community, and participating in the local orchestra.

When asked why the health industry?, Emma said, "I have always had an interest in working with people, and in science. I enjoy helping others and this, in turn, led me to medicine. I cannot imagine doing anything else".

Emma enjoys working at Taabinga Family Practice as it is a place where people want to come. She likes the staff, the patients, the building, the little garden in the centre of the practice, and the care demonstrated to all who enter.

Dr Samuel (Sam) Stevens


Sam resides in the South Burnett with his family, juggles being our General Practitioner and also a Rural Generalist at the Kingaroy Hospital, he has a keen interest in emergency medicine, aboriginal health and surgery.

We asked Sam why the health industry? He said, "the cliché would be altruism, however the truth would be I didn't want to work with computer geeks the rest of my life after doing my engineering degree.

Sam believes Taabinga Family Practice is the best practice in Kingaroy! The staff are keen and forward thinking with healthcare, as opposed to the standard of evidence based medicine.

Dr Lawrence Ma

GP Registrar - MBBS

Lawrence is from Hong Kong originally but grew up in Brisbane. He attended university in Adelaide. Lawrence loves Japanese and Italian food and is always up for trying something new and different.
When asked why the health industry? Lawrence said the health industry is the best combination of the sciences and the arts and people are just fascinating! If you're going to do something for a lifetime, why not choose something interesting and challenging? It also does good for others at the same time.
What does Lawrence enjoy about working at Taabinga Family Practice? Lawrence said we work as a team and are proud to provide the care we give to our patients.

Dr Aye Yu Aung

General Practitioner Registrar - MBBS

Aye is originally from Myanmar, where she studied and graduated medicine. Aye has been working in Australia for over 5 years. She enjoys cooking and some gardening and also arts and craft in her free time.

Why the health industry? Aye says the health industry is very interesting and she gets to work with many different people whom all have different stories to tell. The Health Profession is a good fit with Aye's personality and interests. She enjoys that it is intellectually challenging and she is able to help people.

What does she enjoy most about working at Taabinga? "It is a very supportive workplace with a very understanding team. Taabinga can provide great opportunities to learn and develop the profession.

Dr Audrey Haboosheh

General Practitioner Registrar - MBBS Bachelor Human Kinetics Diploma Respiratory Therapy

Originally from Vancouver Canada, Dr Audrey came to Australia to study medicine in 2012. Audrey enjoys weight lifting, walking and discovering all the local cafes.

Why the health industry? Audrey says she has wanted to be a doctor for as long as she could remember. She has always loved studying human biology and enjoys helping people. Audrey has an interest in using nutrition and exercise in the prevention of disease and the promotion of wellness.

What does she enjoy most about working at Taabinga? "It's a very bright , pleasant working environment. The staff are supportive and approachable and everyone is so friendly!"

Dr Tim Turk

General Practitioner - (MD BScN Dip.Para.)

When asked to describe himself Tim says "I'm tall" and he is very tall.

Why the health industry? Tim says he needed a career that would constantly challenge him and also the doctors on Star Trek always had the best toys.

What does he enjoy most about working at Taabinga? " The staff are diverse in their knowledge and expertise and are very patient focused"

Mrs Selena Stevens

Registered Nurse - RN, MN(R&R), RIN, IPN

Selena had worked in the rural emergency setting for 15 years, is married with two children, lives on a property with many different animals, plays polocrosse and loves creating art!

Why the health industry? Selena said she didn't get the grades to become a Vet and was suggested to try nursing, and here she is!

What does she enjoy most about working at Taabinga? Selena said "the staff are friendly and approachable, we get to know the patients well and there is lots of laughter during the day for staff and patients. Its challenging me as it's a new area of nursing, and as the name implies, we are a family working together".

Mrs Amanda Bleys

Registered Nurse

Amanda and her family are a local farming family and have been in the South Burnett for 13+ years. On their farm they have cattle and pigs. Amanda enjoys gardening as much as she can and her roses are her pride and joy. Amanda and her husband have two children who love rural living.

Nursing runs in Amanda's family. Her grandmother was a matron and she has an Aunt, cousin and sister who are all nurses. Amanda says caring for people when they are sometimes at their most vulnerable state is a privilege.

What does she enjoy most about working at Taabinga? Amanda said "I love the supportive team environment. It is a pleasure to come to work each day to work with all of my colleagues at TFP."

Jean-Mary Ferling

Medication Endorsed Enrolled Nurse

Jean-Mary is another one of our amazing nurses and she loves gardening and dancing. Jean-Mary enjoys going out for coffee and also listening to music.

When asked why the medical industry? Jean-Mary said she always wants to help people in need and make even a small difference in people's lives.

What does she enjoy most about working at Taabinga? Jean-Mary said " The amazing helpful staff"

Mrs Jane Mahony

Medical Receptionist - Cert. Medical Reception

Jane is a local to Kingaroy is married with a son and daughter.

When asked why she chose to work in the health industry, Jane said " I had several months at Oncology in Brisbane and was inspired by one of the receptionists. I then completed a medical receptionist course and this is is my first job in this position.

Jane said she enjoys working at Taabinga Family Practice due to the staff being a good team, who all work well together.

Miss Alex Gibson

Medical Receptionist

On the 18th February 2021 Alex completed her Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical) with GoldenWest Apprenticeships. She has worked with Taabinga Family Practice for over 12 months.

Why the health industry? Alex says she's always been interested in the health industry and starting with administration has been really helpful. She enjoys being able to meet new and different people and also likes being able to help people as much as possible.

What does she enjoy most about working at Taabinga? Alex says she enjoys working with such a great, friendly and helpful team. She enjoys that there is always something new to learn everyday and that being around such kind and compassionate people. Alex also said she enjoys how this job challenges her.

Sarah Kelly

Medical Receptionist

Sarah moved to Kingaroy in December 2020. She is currently studying a Masters in Primary Teaching.

Why the health industry? Sarah says she enjoys customer service and meeting all the lovely patients.

What does she enjoy most about working at Taabinga? Sarah says she enjoys working with a great team who are welcoming and friendly. I am slso enjoying learning a new industry in a supportive team environment.

Kylie Almond

Practice Manager

Kylie joined the team at Taabinga Family Practice in July 2020 after working in the medical industry for most of her working career. She completed her Diploma of Professional Practice Management in 2014.

When not at work, Kylie enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.

What does she enjoy most about working at Taabinga? Kylie said "I am the happiest I have been in years. It is a privilege to work with such exceptional clinicians and quality positive staff. Walking up the back steps every morning to enter work makes me smile."